Did Eve Know

7 Apr

I wonder way back in Genesis, when Eve decided she’d just like a bite of the forbidden fruit, if she realized just how many people would be affected by her decision. After all, it looked good, and the snake said it would make her wise. I’m assuming she had justified it to the point where she thought it was ok. However, God had said don’t touch it, and she disobeyed. God didn’t tell her why not to touch it. She was just supposed to trust Him. (sound familiar?)
I wonder if it seemed like a small thing to Eve-this sin that would change the course of mankind. Did she realize the gravity of the situation? Did she realize her husband and children would have to pay for her mistake? Did she realize all of mankind would have to pay for her mistake? Did she realize the One that they enjoyed walking with in the garden each day would have to send His only Son to pay for the mistake she made?
I doubt Eve counted the cost when she sinned. I bet, like us when we sin, she didn’t think it through. After all, it was her life and she could do with it what she pleased, right? After all, it felt good, so why not? A loving God would never punish her, right?
The truth is God has a specific plan for our lives, and in order to achieve this plan, we must follow His blueprint to get there. We don’t need to understand the why he tells us to do things, or why he tells us not to do certain things. We just need to understand that His way is best and He wants the best for us!
Eve found this out the hard way. You see, the devil was wrong. God did have her best interest in mind, but instead of realizing that by faith, she had to see it for herself. By the time she figured it out, the damage had been done. She couldn’t go back. It was too late.
I want to be a person that trusts God, that takes Him at His Word. He, and His Word have been proven time and time again. Just trust He knows best and follow His plan for you!


Spring & Fall Programs

19 Mar

I want to take a few minutes to add in some highlights from last year’s fall program, and our spring program that starts this week. They were both great ideas, and I hope to use them again someday.
The fall program was “Down on the Farm”. We chose a different animal each week, and all of our treats were centered around that one animal. We had a cow week, goat week, chicken week, and a bunny week. Each week we had that animal at church for the kids to see. Our treats were – cow tails, goat poop (tootsie rolls) , bunny tails (powdered donut holes or marshmallows), and chicken nuggets.
The program we are starting now is a mission’s themed program “To the Regions Beyond.” Each week we are showcasing a country. We chose countries where we have missionaries that we support – Ireland, China, Mexico, Italy, and Israel. For Ireland, we are having green sugar cookies. China, we are having Chinese yoyos. Mexico, we are having Mexican bubbles. Italy. we are having pizza. Lastly, Israel’s week falls on Easter so we are having a candy scramble. (It’s a tradition!)
We will complete the look with a banner with our theme on it, posters of the continents, and passports and airplanes. Each week we have a small area we are decorating for each country.
Each week will be rounded off with music, facts, and games from that country.
I’m most excited about the week of Mexico, because we have missionaries from our church there. They have sent us a video of them in Mexico City, Mexico and their ministries there. I think it will be a huge blessing to many.

Craziness Can Be a Good Thing! :)

18 Mar

I could definitely describe our lives right now as crazy – crazy busy. It is such a good type of busy though. When you are busy doing things for The Lord, and doing it with people you really care about, you are living the good life!
Though I’m itching to see what The Lord has for us just around the corner, I also want to savor every moment of this step of our lives! These are opportunities that I may never have again, and I don’t want to squander them while thinking about what is ahead.
Today, I will live in this moment!

One Moment Can Change So Many Lives

11 Mar

I recently saw a quote on Pinterest that said, “There are moments that mark your life, moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts – before this and after this.” The home going of our preacher has definitely been one of those moments for me. We are very involved with our church. In fact, they are like family, and we lost a big piece of our family!
Along with this sadness, has come a huge responsibility. The task of making sure our church goes forward is now ours! The fact that we are moving forward does not lessen the feelings of loss, but it does prove that the God we serve is bigger than any loss! I hope I never forget that! It is important that we go forward because the job is not finished. There are still people in our area lost, people still hurting, families crumbling, children unloved, and those that are searching. We have the answer to their problems – Jesus! We must continue on! Our city needs us! The Lord wants to use us! Preacher would want us to continue the work he started here!

Our Way Back Home

21 Feb

We finished out the last couple of days of our vacation. We went sailing and traveled around the east shore of Oahu. We had some good memories there since we traveled that exact same road 5 years ago with my grandparents. We got pics in front of the China Man’s Hat Island, just like 5 years ago.
The next day we just wanted to relax so we did! Although I did try snorkeling for the first time and I loved it. It is so beautiful and so relaxing!! I saw a sea turtle, a monk seal, and so many pretty tropical fish.
I am so thankful for our little quiet place in Hawaii that we were able to relax and process all that was changing in our lives.
I know right now that there is a lady that cannot imagine life without her husband. There are kids who can’t imagine life without their dad, and there are grand kids who can’t imagine life without Papa. We don’t fall into any of those categories, but oh how I’ve prayed for those who do. We fall into the cant imagine life without our Pastor, mentor, Friend, and fellow laborer for Christ.
He sure made a difference in our lives, and we will honor his life by continuing to follow the Biblical principles that he taught us. Preacher always told us to follow Christ and not him, and so that is what we will do, although we will not forget the man who spent his life pointing us to the Saviour! We love you, Preacher!! I know you are enjoying Heaven!!!

From Hawaiian Paradise to Heavenly Paradise

12 Feb

While we were enjoying our vacation, we got some terrible news. My Preacher of 17 years had a massive stroke. He was only 59 years old. After a few days lying unresponsive in a hospital bed, he went home to be with the One he served.
I am so thankful to have called him Pastor. He taught me so much about the Bible. I will always treasure high school Bible class. He made the Bible come alive! I remember him taking us to sing at other churches. I’ll never forget him making us sing “Teenager In Love” for Bro. Fugate! I had the privilege of working for him for 11 years! He proved time and time again what a great leader he was!
My husband got saved and was called to preach under his preaching. We were married by him, and he ordained my husband.
He was just like family. I loved every moment I got to spend with him and Mrs. Fox.
Right now we can not fathom life without him. He has always been there when we needed him. He has always been an encouragement. I know he is not sad and he is in Heaven, but for those lucky enough to call him dad, husband, grandpa, Preacher, and friend, he will be greatly missed!

Day 4 – Hawaiian Memories

7 Feb

Today, we took my parents out for the day on our rented Ford Mustang convertible. We have enjoyed riding around with the top down! My hair is not enjoying it as much as the rest of me though! We went to a Giant flea market at Aloha Stadium. They had a ton of souvenirs at cheap prices! Then we went into Honolulu. We walked by the harbor and ate lunch at Red Lobster. We also visited the Ala Moana Mall. It was neat to see a mall Hawaiian style. There was a live show going on, and everything was outdoors.
We came back and went for a long walk along the ocean. We snapped a ton of pics, and stayed long enough to catch the sunset.
Now we are preparing for a two day trip to Maui in the morning. I’m super excited!!