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Summer Olympics

26 Jun

2012 is the year of the summer olympics so we are going to take advantage of it in Jr. Church. We are having a girls-vs.-boys contest. The team that has the most people overall in July will win a pizza and pop party! We will throw in Olympic themed decor and games to add excitement! Praying for great results!!



23 Jun

I was on my way to pick up my nephew for a teen activity yesterday. I had called the house to see where he was and my niece answered the phone. She said, “Aunt Becky, I have to tell you something. I got saved at jr. camp last night and I want Uncle Mike to baptize me Sunday night.”  Words cannot explain the happiness and emotions I felt at that moment!! This aunt couldn’t keep the tears out of my eyes! I was so excited and I’m so happy for her! Praise the Lord!

Personal Devotion Binder

22 Jun

One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep track of ideas for the different ministries of our church. I am VERY forgetful!
This week in SS, we are starting to make personal devotion binders. This is something I recently made for myself to help me be more organized in my walk with the Lord. I am hoping that it will help my jr. high girls, as well.
It’s simple! All you need is a binder, a hole punch, paper, a computer and a printer. I designed 4 sections -prayer list, answered prayer, Bible reading, and a section for special passages I’d like to remember. It took all of 20 minutes to make.
Shortly after making mine, I heard Bro. Corle mention that God answers prayers all the time, but we are so unorganized in our prayer life that we don’t know it. He was right! Within the first 2 weeks I had documented 6 answered prayers I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been writing everything down. What a wonderful God we serve!

“Decently and in Order”

22 Jun

Today, in my personal Bible study I read about the preparing for and building of the first Temple. There are chapters and chapters of info about every little detail. I know that everything in the Bible is there for a reason so it makes me think that God must be very detail-orienated. We are very blessed to be in a church with a pastor who is very detail-orienated right now, and I believe that is important in the ministry. As a person who is not naturally this way, I know it is a trait that I will be working on in the future!

Looking Forward to Mt. Salem Revival Grounds

20 Jun

This year for the first time, Mike and I are going to teen camp as counsellors. We are going to Mt. Salem Revival Grounds, which is the same camp I went to as a junior and a teen for camp. Mike got saved as an adult so has never been to a Christian camp. I am excited to make new memories there with him and our teens!

Hello world!

20 Jun

Hi, my name is Becky. I am wife to a wonderful Christian man who is studying for the ministry! While we are preparing for the full-time ministry, we are loving this time serving the Lord in our home church! I started this blog to document our journey.