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26 Jul

Tonight I found out some news that will change the lives of two very important teens we know. How my heart goes out to them as they go through this difficult time. I feel very helpless, and I know the only thing I can do is pray for them. Then I realized that the best thing anyone can do for them is pray!
If you feel helpless in a situation, rest assured the best thing you can do is pray. Then, sit back and watch the Lord work everything out for good! (Romans 8:28 – And we know all things work together for good, to them that love God.)


Thriving or Surviving?

19 Jul

I don’t have a green thumb so it’s no suprise that my houseplants are surviving and not thriving. When I was watering them today, I started to think of several other areas in my life, areas, such as my Christian life, my marriage, my family and friend relationships, my service for the Lord, and my job.
Like plants, all the areas in my life need care. For instance, I’m probably not going to have a good relationship with my Heavenly Father if I don’t spend time with Him, reading my Bible and praying. I am saved so He will always be my Father, but without spending time with Him it is a surviving relationship and not a thriving one. The same could be said for all of my other relationships. In everything I do, I can thrive by putting my all into it. The Bible says, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might. Ecclesiastes 9:10”.
This week my goal is to not just do what I have to do, but do everything with all my might! I will thrive, and not survive!!

Showers of Blessings

19 Jul

After a series of ninety + degree days here in Northeast Ohio, I’m thankful for the shower the Lord has sent our way. It is pouring! We need this rain. My poor tomato plants are barely hanging on.
Just like He is showering us with rain, I am reminded of the “showers” of blessings He sends my way daily.  There is never a drought when it comes to His blessings. There is a new batch waiting for me daily. I am thankful to be a Christian and to serve a mighty God! I am also thankful for all the “showers” He has sent my way today!

From the Grave

15 Jul

As a child of God I know how blessed I am! I am a third generation Christian. My grandpa was quite the wild one so I am told. Then his daughter was born with a hole in her heart. He started going to church, and he learned that although he had done things wrong, Jesus, God’s Son, had died on the cross to pay for those sins. All he, or anyone else, had to do was trust Christ and ask Him to save them.
Fast forward several years. My grandpa lived a great life and went to Heaven this last October. He loved God and his family. He told everyone he could about Jesus, and invited everyone he knew to church. He wanted others to experience the blessed life of being a Christian.
Today, my husband and I went to pick up inner city kids for church as we do every Sunday. A lady had called the church and asked for a ride. We picked her and her two kids up. She asked Jesus to save her! I asked her how she heard about church. She said her landlord came to our church and was always inviting her. Turns out it was my grandpa! Nine months after he went to Heaven, a lady got saved because he was a faithful witness! Thanks grandpa for being a great grandpa and Christian. I love you so much!!

Camp 2012

9 Jul

We just came back from camp, and it was very crazy!! Two days before we left for camp, a major storm hit West Virginia. The majority of the state was without electricity, including the camp we were going to. That meant limited power from a generator. We had no air conditioning, limited lights, no hair dryers, straighteners, or curling irons. Needless to say, we looked lovely all drenched in sweat with our hair undone!!
All that said, I wouldn’t have traded the experience for all the money in the world! The time we got to spend with our teens was wonderful. The preaching really touched our hearts, and we made a lot of great decisions! They ranged from salvation for one boy to going to Bible college, witnessing more, and being all we can be for the Lord for others! Praise the Lord for such a wonderful camp where the Lord’s power can still be felt in this modern age.