From the Grave

15 Jul

As a child of God I know how blessed I am! I am a third generation Christian. My grandpa was quite the wild one so I am told. Then his daughter was born with a hole in her heart. He started going to church, and he learned that although he had done things wrong, Jesus, God’s Son, had died on the cross to pay for those sins. All he, or anyone else, had to do was trust Christ and ask Him to save them.
Fast forward several years. My grandpa lived a great life and went to Heaven this last October. He loved God and his family. He told everyone he could about Jesus, and invited everyone he knew to church. He wanted others to experience the blessed life of being a Christian.
Today, my husband and I went to pick up inner city kids for church as we do every Sunday. A lady had called the church and asked for a ride. We picked her and her two kids up. She asked Jesus to save her! I asked her how she heard about church. She said her landlord came to our church and was always inviting her. Turns out it was my grandpa! Nine months after he went to Heaven, a lady got saved because he was a faithful witness! Thanks grandpa for being a great grandpa and Christian. I love you so much!!


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