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Special Delivery From Heaven

22 Aug

I was reminiscing this morning about my teen years. I had the best friend a girl could ever ask for. We were always together. I remember us saying several times, if only God would send us a piece of paper from Heaven to tell us who we were going to marry. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about all the craziness of dating and such. The paper never came, but we both did marry the men of our dreams and are very happy!
Lately I have been wishing for that paper again but for different reasons. My husband has been called to preach. I have had every emotion about this decision – happiness, sadness, fear, apprehension, and excitement.  I have been wishing that the paper from Heaven would come and tell me where we are going to go or what we are going to do. Maybe it could tell me the things I need to learn to prepare, and if I even will be any good at it. It would be nice to know, but as I look back to meeting and marrying my husband. I’m glad I didn’t know. I wouldn’t change a moment of our meeting and courtship. The journey has been so much fun! I guess I will just sit back and enjoy this portion of our journey, too! After all, the Lord sure knows how to keep things fun and exciting!


The Circus Is Coming To Town

14 Aug

The month of September is huge in our life and the life of our church. We will start with a program for all the kids in our Bus Ministry. Our circus theme will include circus music, decorations, popcorn, nachos, and cotton candy. We will throw in a few clowns and themed games. On the 22nd, we will finish with a bang! Our Annual Carnival Saturday is always a big hit. Hundreds of kids will come to watch the boxing match with the devil, free lunch, and a giant inflatable slide. We will top it off with carnival booths, such as, face painting, petting zoo, goldfish pond, obstacle course, and many more. On Sunday, we will celebrate our churches 92nd anniversary with regular services, dinner on the grounds, and a music concert. All this excitement takes a lot of planning from a lot of good people. We all are excited to get started!

8 Years and Counting!

13 Aug

Eight years ago today, I married a wonderful guy. Today, he is now my best friend! I cannot imagine life without him. I have enjoyed this journey of ours, so far. Sure, there have been ups and downs. Sure, we fight sometimes, but through it all, the Lord has brought us closer and closer together. I believe hard times in a marriage can make that marriage stronger if you will let it and not give up. I am so thankful for the man that God has given me to walk through this life. I wouldn’t trade this experience for all the money in the world. Happy Anniversary, Mr. Wonderful!

Spring, ummm, Summer Cleaning

8 Aug

Today, I got around to deep cleaning my bedroom! Along with general cleaning, I did some rearranging. As well as, taking out things that no longer function and putting in new things that will function better.
This week, I’ve also been trying to deep clean my life by getting rid of things that don’t work, and bringing in more of the things that do. For instance, TV has fallen way down on the priority list, and has been replaced with Christian radio! The result: I get more accomplished, I feel better, and I have a much better attitude. I’ve deciced to not procrastinate, and have started preparing for my ministries on Monday, instead of Saturday night. Result: I get more accomplished, and I’m not stressing to come up with ideas the last minute.
I’m going to keep cleaning my house and my life to make them both the best they can be!

A whirlwind

7 Aug

Last week was a whirlwind of activity! I had a chance to do my first funeral dinner. It was great experience! I,  of course, had a great group of ladies. A lot of them knew a lot more about planning a dinner than I did so I got to learn a lot!
Also, my best friend growing up came home for a visit and I got to spend a morning out with her! I so enjoy talking to her, though we do not get to very often. She is a Pastor’s wife and has 3 small children.
Last week also included a teen activity, a party for our jr. Church contest, a lot of cooking and baking, plus our normal weekend stuff. It’s no wonder I had to spend half the day yesterday cleaning my kitchen!
It was a great week, and I’m excited to see what the Lord has for us this week as we start to prepare for our Fall Program in our children’s ministries!