Spring, ummm, Summer Cleaning

8 Aug

Today, I got around to deep cleaning my bedroom! Along with general cleaning, I did some rearranging. As well as, taking out things that no longer function and putting in new things that will function better.
This week, I’ve also been trying to deep clean my life by getting rid of things that don’t work, and bringing in more of the things that do. For instance, TV has fallen way down on the priority list, and has been replaced with Christian radio! The result: I get more accomplished, I feel better, and I have a much better attitude. I’ve deciced to not procrastinate, and have started preparing for my ministries on Monday, instead of Saturday night. Result: I get more accomplished, and I’m not stressing to come up with ideas the last minute.
I’m going to keep cleaning my house and my life to make them both the best they can be!


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