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My 2 Cents on Politics

24 Sep

I try not to speak on politics very often. It is a hot button issue! I do, however, follow politics rather closely, and I enjoy studying the origin of our country and the Biblical principles on which it was founded
As we are in the midst of this election season, let me first say I am sick of the commercials, the phone calls, and mail-outs. I believe that both parties stretch the truth a lot. I believe that most politicians care about themselves much more than they care about other Americans.
That being said, I also believe that as a women, it is not my place to murder an innocent child. If a man rapes a woman, kill him, not the innocent child.
I also believe, as a middle class American, it is not someone else’s place to take care of me. I don’t expect someone that has worked their whole life for their money to turn around and give it to me. In fact, I know I will appreciate things more and enjoy them more if I work for them myself.
I do not want the government messing with my healthcare. They have enough trouble with the sectors they are trying to run now. It is no ones business if I want to eat a donut, nor do I feel as if the government owes me the pill. That is not a woman’s health issue.
You see, I believe that America’s problems would be solved with a return to Biblical values and personal accountability, and these are the two things that the government seems to be trying to do away with.
My encouragement to those around you is to take responsibility for your own life. Don’t expect the government to take care of you. Work hard and do what is right, and maybe, just maybe, our world will be a better place!


Anniversary Weekend

24 Sep

This week we had our church’s 92nd Anniversary Weekend!! This is a huge event in our church every year!! We had 2 days worth of festivities! Everything started on Saturday with a carnival for the kids. We usually have between 400 and 500 people there! There is a service to tell people how they can go to Heaven someday, followed by a boxing match with the devil. Then the kids and parents are given sack lunches and turned loose in the carnival! On Sunday, we had our regular service, followed by dinner on the grounds. At 5, there is a gospel music concert, followed by our victory service. We play games and have a good time!
Overall we had around 800 people there. It is a ton of work, but totally worth it!! I am so glad that I go to a church that reaches out to the community and tells others that Jesus is the answer!

Give Him the Glory

11 Sep

Yesterday, I woke up with a bit of a cold. I knew it was coming. Everyone around me had gotten it. I had several errands to do, and quite frankly, I didn’t feel like moving. It had to be done though, so I started my trekk through town! I was coming out of my last store when I spotted a man. A man who had obviously had a stroke and could barely walk. Each step looked very slow and painful. One arm looked to be completely paralyzed, and I thought, now there’s someone who actually had an excuse to stay home. This man didn’t have a cold that would go away in a couple of days, yet he had still chosen to live his life with a smile on his face, I might add!
It made me realize that I have so much to be thankful for! Even on the crummiest of days, I have a God in Heaven who loves me. For starters, He gave me two good arms and two good legs, and so many things I could never name them all. Thank you, Lord, for all you’ve done for me!

Can you feel it?

10 Sep

Can you feel it in the air, I mean? I do believe fall is starting outside my window!! Are you ready for football, chili, hot tea, and comfy sweaters? I am!
Fall is my favorite time of year. My birthday happens to be the first official day of fall, but it also is a time for me to get back onto a strict schedule. I feel my feminine instincts are heightened. I want to cook and “nest”. I love to walk outside and just breathe in the smells, and take in all of God’s wondrous creation. So bring on fall. I’m definitely ready!

Early Morning Cattle Drive?

1 Sep

Yesterday, I was awakened by the ringing telephone. I stumbled out of bed and to the phone to see who would be calling at that hour. It was my aunt. She was calling to tell me my dad’s cows were out. I am the go-to person when my dad is at work, and so off I went on my little cattle drive! It went quite well at first. We have trained a family of cow chasers and quite a few cousins and a nephew came to help out. All the cows had been safely put into the other pasture, except one. I guess maybe he heard my Sunday school lesson on not following the crowd. Lol!! As I searched through the woods and pasture looking for this cow, I heard my brother’s dogs barking. At first, I considered the noise an inconvenience, until I realized that they were helping me. I followed the barking, and guess what I found? Yes, you are right, the missing cow!
As usual, the Lord was teaching me a lesson! Sometimes I do not take criticism, or the “barking” of others well. Maybe, just maybe, if I would listen to what they say, amidst the noise I would find something to help lead in the right direction, or change something about myself that needs changed! Maybe, just maybe, they are seeing something I can’t see because they have a better vantage point!
Anyway, I was thankful for the barking dogs because they saved me from a lot of work and heartache, maybe the constructive criticism of others could save me from unnecessary heartache, too! Try it out! “Listen” to what others have to say, and think about it, instead of instantly becoming defensive!