Early Morning Cattle Drive?

1 Sep

Yesterday, I was awakened by the ringing telephone. I stumbled out of bed and to the phone to see who would be calling at that hour. It was my aunt. She was calling to tell me my dad’s cows were out. I am the go-to person when my dad is at work, and so off I went on my little cattle drive! It went quite well at first. We have trained a family of cow chasers and quite a few cousins and a nephew came to help out. All the cows had been safely put into the other pasture, except one. I guess maybe he heard my Sunday school lesson on not following the crowd. Lol!! As I searched through the woods and pasture looking for this cow, I heard my brother’s dogs barking. At first, I considered the noise an inconvenience, until I realized that they were helping me. I followed the barking, and guess what I found? Yes, you are right, the missing cow!
As usual, the Lord was teaching me a lesson! Sometimes I do not take criticism, or the “barking” of others well. Maybe, just maybe, if I would listen to what they say, amidst the noise I would find something to help lead in the right direction, or change something about myself that needs changed! Maybe, just maybe, they are seeing something I can’t see because they have a better vantage point!
Anyway, I was thankful for the barking dogs because they saved me from a lot of work and heartache, maybe the constructive criticism of others could save me from unnecessary heartache, too! Try it out! “Listen” to what others have to say, and think about it, instead of instantly becoming defensive!


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