My 2 Cents on Politics

24 Sep

I try not to speak on politics very often. It is a hot button issue! I do, however, follow politics rather closely, and I enjoy studying the origin of our country and the Biblical principles on which it was founded
As we are in the midst of this election season, let me first say I am sick of the commercials, the phone calls, and mail-outs. I believe that both parties stretch the truth a lot. I believe that most politicians care about themselves much more than they care about other Americans.
That being said, I also believe that as a women, it is not my place to murder an innocent child. If a man rapes a woman, kill him, not the innocent child.
I also believe, as a middle class American, it is not someone else’s place to take care of me. I don’t expect someone that has worked their whole life for their money to turn around and give it to me. In fact, I know I will appreciate things more and enjoy them more if I work for them myself.
I do not want the government messing with my healthcare. They have enough trouble with the sectors they are trying to run now. It is no ones business if I want to eat a donut, nor do I feel as if the government owes me the pill. That is not a woman’s health issue.
You see, I believe that America’s problems would be solved with a return to Biblical values and personal accountability, and these are the two things that the government seems to be trying to do away with.
My encouragement to those around you is to take responsibility for your own life. Don’t expect the government to take care of you. Work hard and do what is right, and maybe, just maybe, our world will be a better place!


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