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The Unexpected

30 Oct

I have been getting used to the idea of becoming a Pastor’s wife, and, believe me, this took some time. Then all of a sudden I became a deacon’s wife. It makes me feel kind of old!
I am very happy for my husband though. He will be great at it. He does well at everything he does!! I am blessed with a man that loves the Lord and His work!
So this was a little curve in the road that I wasn’t expecting, but that is what keeps life exciting!


Awake at 1 am

27 Oct

I am not a night owl, but as luck would have it I have a painful absessed tooth tonight. Tonight of all nights is painful for it was at exactly this time and date last year that my grandpa left this earth for his final home in Heaven.
Grandpa was a super special guy. He could make anyone laugh. He loved to sing songs like “Big Bad John” and “Tennessee Wig Walk”. He was the best story teller ever. He loved his family dearly and was happiest when were all in one room even though a few of us didn’t get along! Lol! He was born into a very poor family so he wasted nothing and was often teased for being cheap. In fact, his last few days I heard him say that the birds were calling him “cheap, cheap, cheap” a few times. He was a great Christian! He loved the Lord and loved to talk about him.
I was trying to figure out a way to honor his life today. So absessed tooth or not, I will congregate with my family at my nephews football game. Go saints! First though I’ll tell someone about Jesus. I always said grandpa’s motto was God and family!
So this day is for grandpa! I love you, grandpa, and I miss you sooooooo much! I thank God for Heaven and the opportunity to see you again. As crazy as this world is looking it won’t be long!

Can’t Wait For Thanksgiving!

9 Oct

A girl as blessed as me needs more than one day to be thankful. Today, I’m thankful for a family who loves and taught me to be a responsible adult. I’m thankful for a husband who is practically perfect in every way,  and a niece who is not to old to snuggle with her auntie! I’m thankful for cards, kisses, and I love you’s from nieces and nephews. I’m thankful for fall leaves, cool breezes, and crisp night air. Most of all, I’m thankful for the God who gave all of these things to me! So even though it’s October, take some time and count your blessings!