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Having a Hard Time Being Thankful?

27 Nov

In this world it is so easy to look around, and see what everyone else has. This leads to jealousy and envy, and it leads away from thankfulness. This happens to me sometimes, and then there are other times when I look around, and I see what other people are going through. They are having a rough time, and I realize how truly thankful I am for my life.
For instance, a family in our church is going through a very trying time. The father, who was a faithful Sunday school teacher, is dying of cancer. He is only in his 50’s with four kids ranging from 19-30. My heart has broken for them as they go through this process, not because I know them so well, but because I know how I would feel.
The day his daughter called to ask my husband to do the funeral if Pastor was out of town, I had the opportunity to take my dad to pick up his car. A small thing, but I realized how much those kids would have given to take a drive and talk to their dad under such normal circumstances.
So this Thanksgiving season I am more thankful than usual. I realize there will always be some that have it better than me, and some that have it worse than me. I choose to be grateful! Thank you, God for my life! May I always be thankful.


Jr. Church Themes

25 Nov

In Jr. Church we have had another theme month, and we are getting ready for two more.
In October, we had a harvest theme. All of our games incorporated fall items, such as pumpkins and mummy paper. We played broom ball, ring around the pumpkin, pumpkin bowling, and mummy wrapping.
Next month, we are having a Christmas theme, using Christmas-winter items like candy canes, red and green crepe paper, sleds, and so on.
In January we are doing a tropical theme to help beat the winter blues that hit Ohio this time of year. I got items 75 percent off, such as beach balls, sand buckets, and so on for these games. Thankfully, Pinterest is a wealth of info for games that I can use, or change to fit exactly what I need!

Being a Christian

25 Nov

Being a Christian means I am forgiven not perfect.

Being a Christian means I am not rich in money but rich in blessings.

Being a Christian means I am not strong, but in my weakness I find His strength.

Being a Christian means I often fail, but I get back up even more determined to serve my Saviour and be what he wants me to be.

Being a Christian means I am the daughter of a King who loves me and protects me always!

Being a Christian means that no matter what happens here on this earth, I have a home in Heaven waiting for me!

Being a Christian means I am blessed far greater than I deserve!!

Jr. Church

6 Nov

A couple of weeks ago in Jr. Church we had a surprise – a dad! Since jr. Church is for 5 to 12 year olds, it is not something we see often. He happened to be a gentleman that my husband had gone to high school with. We were so excited when he went forward to be saved! The next week, he and his girlfriend got baptized and married – all in the same day! He was the first adult that got saved after hearing Mike preach. We definitely didn’t expect it to happen in jr. Church, but we are so glad it did!!

30 day challenge

2 Nov

Today I started two 30 day challenges – the instagram thankfulness challenge, and the giving challenge.
The thankfulness challenge is easy! Just take a pic of something your thankful for every day in November.
The giving challenge takes a little more thought. Find something to give each day in November. It doesn’t have to be large, but thoughtfulness is key!
Today, my thankfulness item was my giant candy stockpile I got at Walmart 50% off! I needed to restock my candy supply for our children’s ministries.
My giving item also came at 50% off! My dad loves Reese’s pumpkins, so I got him a 6 pack for $1.70!
I’m super excited about these challenges, and I hope you’ll try it, too!