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Christmas Isn’t Christmas For Everyone

14 Dec

Within the last week, my husband and I have attended funerals for two different men. In the middle of those, my Ukranian cousins lost their uncle to cancer. Three different men – all three left behind children. Some young, some old, but all heart broken to be spending this holiday without their dads, probably for the first time. They also leave behind parents, wives, siblings, and friends. So, if you get a chance, say a little prayer for all of these, and take a moment to hug the ones you love. Be a little kinder to all, for you never know what someone else is going through.


God’s Timing Is Better Than My Timing

10 Dec

Yesterday did not go as planned. Some things happened that caused us to get our bus route done earlier than usual. The change in schedule irritated me. I was worried about things that didn’t really matter. Because of the extra time though, my husband drove down the street he grew up on. He saw a group of kids and decided to stop and invite them to church. Five brothers and sisters came to church today. All of them got saved, and their parents are supposed to come next week, also. What a blessing a change in schedule turned out to be!
This Sunday was also exciting because my nephew got baptized! Also, a boy who had stopped riding the bus came back to church! Some people that we have been praying for got to hear the Gospel! It is a blessing to see the Lord work in our church!

The Baby Blues

1 Dec

It’s funny that each year after Thanksgiving and all of the thankfulness, I get the “baby blues”. You see, my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for quite a few years now. I love my life, and I do pretty well most of the time. There is something about Christmas though that is a stark reminder that there is no child in this house. No one to decorate for, buy presents for, take pics of, and start traditions. I feel like we are stuck in Christmas limbo. I have a strange desire to go driving in my pjs to look at Christmas lights, or watch Christmas cartoons. Who knows, maybe I will. Mostly though, I’ll do what I do every year. Pray to my God in Heaven that next year we’ll have a precious baby to share our holidays, but until then, I’ll be thankful for the wonderful life he’s given me!