Day 1 – Hawaiian Memories

5 Feb

Today was our first full day in paradise, and there are a few things I want to remember.

We had a very early morning because we are not used to the five hour time difference. We got at 8 am at home which is 3 am here. We went to Ohana Baptist Church for an 8:15 am service and enjoyed hearing the pastor preach. Two statements really stuck with me. “If you were under investigation for being a Christian, would they have enough evidence to convict you.” Wow! This is convicting to me. Can others see from all areas of my life that I am a Christian? Can they tell by the way I dress, by the things I do, by the way I act, and by the things I say? The other statement was this. “The what, where, when, and how doesn’t matter only the Who.” Since we do not know where God is leading us, or what he will have us do, it is good to remember that those things don’t matter as long as we remember Who we’re doing it for.
We also drove through Honolulu and went to the International Market with my dad and grandma. We drove through Chinatown and Waikiki. We watched the Super Bowl with my parents and brother’s families.
We are enjoying our room. Our bedroom is overlooking the beautiful mountains, and the living room overlooks beautiful gardens and the ocean! Our tub is huge and I’m wondering how to get it home! The breeze that flows through at night is heavenly. We don’t have the window or screens shut and guess what? No bugs! This truly is as close to paradise as I could imagine.


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