Day 2 – Hawaiian Memories

5 Feb

Today we went for a 6 am swim in the pool and hot tub, followed by a dip in the lagoon in front of our motel. My nephew came, too! We saw a sea turtle! Later we walked down to another beach to look for seals. We didn’t see one, but we got some pretty pics, and we saw some fish and crabs. We toured the gardens of the JW Marriott, and saw hammerhead sharks and Hawaii’s state fish. We went to turtle bay and saw several sea turtles and a seal! We also saw several mongooses.
We visited my parents for a bit and then we drove around the mountains. We saw several Hawaiian people in a poorer neighborhood and I couldn’t help but see the need for Christ’ message to be taken to them. I remembered something the Pastor said to us on our way out on Sunday morning. He said, “Thank you for not taking a vacation from God.” The thought made me extra glad to go to church, as well as, making sure I have a personal walk with him each day.
Now it is 7:30 pm Hawaiian time and I have run out of dream. I am typing this while Mr. Wonderful is watching American Pickers. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures!


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