Day 3 – Hawaiian Memories

7 Feb

Today we traveled to the west most tip of Oahu. You cannot drive around this point so we drove to it on the south side of the island, and then drove through the middle part of the island over to the north shore and did the same thing. We were struck by the beauty of God’s creation! I wondered how anyone could believe this just happened. There is no way a painting masterpiece could compare with this beauty, and yet, people would be horrified if you said that it had been made without an artist hand.
The west end of the island is a combo of clear blue waters, combined with huge breathtaking mountains. One mountain towering up as soon as the other one is starting to plunge down. You will pass rocky shorelines that change into pristine beaches. We saw quaint little towns and roadside stands. When we traveled through the middle of the island, we saw a huge military post, as well as fertile farmland. We stopped at the Dole Plantation and had their pineapple whip ice cream. We went on a train ride to see giant pineapple fields, as well as other plants like bread fruit, plumeria, sugar cane, and chocolate. We also saw coffee growing and stopped at a roadside stand to try a cup of Hawaiian Joe!
We returned to our room and went swimming with my dad, brother, niece and nephew. We had a great day!



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