Our Way Back Home

21 Feb

We finished out the last couple of days of our vacation. We went sailing and traveled around the east shore of Oahu. We had some good memories there since we traveled that exact same road 5 years ago with my grandparents. We got pics in front of the China Man’s Hat Island, just like 5 years ago.
The next day we just wanted to relax so we did! Although I did try snorkeling for the first time and I loved it. It is so beautiful and so relaxing!! I saw a sea turtle, a monk seal, and so many pretty tropical fish.
I am so thankful for our little quiet place in Hawaii that we were able to relax and process all that was changing in our lives.
I know right now that there is a lady that cannot imagine life without her husband. There are kids who can’t imagine life without their dad, and there are grand kids who can’t imagine life without Papa. We don’t fall into any of those categories, but oh how I’ve prayed for those who do. We fall into the cant imagine life without our Pastor, mentor, Friend, and fellow laborer for Christ.
He sure made a difference in our lives, and we will honor his life by continuing to follow the Biblical principles that he taught us. Preacher always told us to follow Christ and not him, and so that is what we will do, although we will not forget the man who spent his life pointing us to the Saviour! We love you, Preacher!! I know you are enjoying Heaven!!!


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