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Spring & Fall Programs

19 Mar

I want to take a few minutes to add in some highlights from last year’s fall program, and our spring program that starts this week. They were both great ideas, and I hope to use them again someday.
The fall program was “Down on the Farm”. We chose a different animal each week, and all of our treats were centered around that one animal. We had a cow week, goat week, chicken week, and a bunny week. Each week we had that animal at church for the kids to see. Our treats were – cow tails, goat poop (tootsie rolls) , bunny tails (powdered donut holes or marshmallows), and chicken nuggets.
The program we are starting now is a mission’s themed program “To the Regions Beyond.” Each week we are showcasing a country. We chose countries where we have missionaries that we support – Ireland, China, Mexico, Italy, and Israel. For Ireland, we are having green sugar cookies. China, we are having Chinese yoyos. Mexico, we are having Mexican bubbles. Italy. we are having pizza. Lastly, Israel’s week falls on Easter so we are having a candy scramble. (It’s a tradition!)
We will complete the look with a banner with our theme on it, posters of the continents, and passports and airplanes. Each week we have a small area we are decorating for each country.
Each week will be rounded off with music, facts, and games from that country.
I’m most excited about the week of Mexico, because we have missionaries from our church there. They have sent us a video of them in Mexico City, Mexico and their ministries there. I think it will be a huge blessing to many.


Craziness Can Be a Good Thing! :)

18 Mar

I could definitely describe our lives right now as crazy – crazy busy. It is such a good type of busy though. When you are busy doing things for The Lord, and doing it with people you really care about, you are living the good life!
Though I’m itching to see what The Lord has for us just around the corner, I also want to savor every moment of this step of our lives! These are opportunities that I may never have again, and I don’t want to squander them while thinking about what is ahead.
Today, I will live in this moment!