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Did Eve Know

7 Apr

I wonder way back in Genesis, when Eve decided she’d just like a bite of the forbidden fruit, if she realized just how many people would be affected by her decision. After all, it looked good, and the snake said it would make her wise. I’m assuming she had justified it to the point where she thought it was ok. However, God had said don’t touch it, and she disobeyed. God didn’t tell her why not to touch it. She was just supposed to trust Him. (sound familiar?)
I wonder if it seemed like a small thing to Eve-this sin that would change the course of mankind. Did she realize the gravity of the situation? Did she realize her husband and children would have to pay for her mistake? Did she realize all of mankind would have to pay for her mistake? Did she realize the One that they enjoyed walking with in the garden each day would have to send His only Son to pay for the mistake she made?
I doubt Eve counted the cost when she sinned. I bet, like us when we sin, she didn’t think it through. After all, it was her life and she could do with it what she pleased, right? After all, it felt good, so why not? A loving God would never punish her, right?
The truth is God has a specific plan for our lives, and in order to achieve this plan, we must follow His blueprint to get there. We don’t need to understand the why he tells us to do things, or why he tells us not to do certain things. We just need to understand that His way is best and He wants the best for us!
Eve found this out the hard way. You see, the devil was wrong. God did have her best interest in mind, but instead of realizing that by faith, she had to see it for herself. By the time she figured it out, the damage had been done. She couldn’t go back. It was too late.
I want to be a person that trusts God, that takes Him at His Word. He, and His Word have been proven time and time again. Just trust He knows best and follow His plan for you!