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Spring & Fall Programs

19 Mar

I want to take a few minutes to add in some highlights from last year’s fall program, and our spring program that starts this week. They were both great ideas, and I hope to use them again someday.
The fall program was “Down on the Farm”. We chose a different animal each week, and all of our treats were centered around that one animal. We had a cow week, goat week, chicken week, and a bunny week. Each week we had that animal at church for the kids to see. Our treats were – cow tails, goat poop (tootsie rolls) , bunny tails (powdered donut holes or marshmallows), and chicken nuggets.
The program we are starting now is a mission’s themed program “To the Regions Beyond.” Each week we are showcasing a country. We chose countries where we have missionaries that we support – Ireland, China, Mexico, Italy, and Israel. For Ireland, we are having green sugar cookies. China, we are having Chinese yoyos. Mexico, we are having Mexican bubbles. Italy. we are having pizza. Lastly, Israel’s week falls on Easter so we are having a candy scramble. (It’s a tradition!)
We will complete the look with a banner with our theme on it, posters of the continents, and passports and airplanes. Each week we have a small area we are decorating for each country.
Each week will be rounded off with music, facts, and games from that country.
I’m most excited about the week of Mexico, because we have missionaries from our church there. They have sent us a video of them in Mexico City, Mexico and their ministries there. I think it will be a huge blessing to many.


God’s Timing Is Better Than My Timing

10 Dec

Yesterday did not go as planned. Some things happened that caused us to get our bus route done earlier than usual. The change in schedule irritated me. I was worried about things that didn’t really matter. Because of the extra time though, my husband drove down the street he grew up on. He saw a group of kids and decided to stop and invite them to church. Five brothers and sisters came to church today. All of them got saved, and their parents are supposed to come next week, also. What a blessing a change in schedule turned out to be!
This Sunday was also exciting because my nephew got baptized! Also, a boy who had stopped riding the bus came back to church! Some people that we have been praying for got to hear the Gospel! It is a blessing to see the Lord work in our church!

Anniversary Weekend

24 Sep

This week we had our church’s 92nd Anniversary Weekend!! This is a huge event in our church every year!! We had 2 days worth of festivities! Everything started on Saturday with a carnival for the kids. We usually have between 400 and 500 people there! There is a service to tell people how they can go to Heaven someday, followed by a boxing match with the devil. Then the kids and parents are given sack lunches and turned loose in the carnival! On Sunday, we had our regular service, followed by dinner on the grounds. At 5, there is a gospel music concert, followed by our victory service. We play games and have a good time!
Overall we had around 800 people there. It is a ton of work, but totally worth it!! I am so glad that I go to a church that reaches out to the community and tells others that Jesus is the answer!

The Circus Is Coming To Town

14 Aug

The month of September is huge in our life and the life of our church. We will start with a program for all the kids in our Bus Ministry. Our circus theme will include circus music, decorations, popcorn, nachos, and cotton candy. We will throw in a few clowns and themed games. On the 22nd, we will finish with a bang! Our Annual Carnival Saturday is always a big hit. Hundreds of kids will come to watch the boxing match with the devil, free lunch, and a giant inflatable slide. We will top it off with carnival booths, such as, face painting, petting zoo, goldfish pond, obstacle course, and many more. On Sunday, we will celebrate our churches 92nd anniversary with regular services, dinner on the grounds, and a music concert. All this excitement takes a lot of planning from a lot of good people. We all are excited to get started!