Day 3 – Hawaiian Memories

7 Feb

Today we traveled to the west most tip of Oahu. You cannot drive around this point so we drove to it on the south side of the island, and then drove through the middle part of the island over to the north shore and did the same thing. We were struck by the beauty of God’s creation! I wondered how anyone could believe this just happened. There is no way a painting masterpiece could compare with this beauty, and yet, people would be horrified if you said that it had been made without an artist hand.
The west end of the island is a combo of clear blue waters, combined with huge breathtaking mountains. One mountain towering up as soon as the other one is starting to plunge down. You will pass rocky shorelines that change into pristine beaches. We saw quaint little towns and roadside stands. When we traveled through the middle of the island, we saw a huge military post, as well as fertile farmland. We stopped at the Dole Plantation and had their pineapple whip ice cream. We went on a train ride to see giant pineapple fields, as well as other plants like bread fruit, plumeria, sugar cane, and chocolate. We also saw coffee growing and stopped at a roadside stand to try a cup of Hawaiian Joe!
We returned to our room and went swimming with my dad, brother, niece and nephew. We had a great day!



Day 1 – Hawaiian Memories

5 Feb

Today was our first full day in paradise, and there are a few things I want to remember.

We had a very early morning because we are not used to the five hour time difference. We got at 8 am at home which is 3 am here. We went to Ohana Baptist Church for an 8:15 am service and enjoyed hearing the pastor preach. Two statements really stuck with me. “If you were under investigation for being a Christian, would they have enough evidence to convict you.” Wow! This is convicting to me. Can others see from all areas of my life that I am a Christian? Can they tell by the way I dress, by the things I do, by the way I act, and by the things I say? The other statement was this. “The what, where, when, and how doesn’t matter only the Who.” Since we do not know where God is leading us, or what he will have us do, it is good to remember that those things don’t matter as long as we remember Who we’re doing it for.
We also drove through Honolulu and went to the International Market with my dad and grandma. We drove through Chinatown and Waikiki. We watched the Super Bowl with my parents and brother’s families.
We are enjoying our room. Our bedroom is overlooking the beautiful mountains, and the living room overlooks beautiful gardens and the ocean! Our tub is huge and I’m wondering how to get it home! The breeze that flows through at night is heavenly. We don’t have the window or screens shut and guess what? No bugs! This truly is as close to paradise as I could imagine.

Day 2 – Hawaiian Memories

5 Feb

Today we went for a 6 am swim in the pool and hot tub, followed by a dip in the lagoon in front of our motel. My nephew came, too! We saw a sea turtle! Later we walked down to another beach to look for seals. We didn’t see one, but we got some pretty pics, and we saw some fish and crabs. We toured the gardens of the JW Marriott, and saw hammerhead sharks and Hawaii’s state fish. We went to turtle bay and saw several sea turtles and a seal! We also saw several mongooses.
We visited my parents for a bit and then we drove around the mountains. We saw several Hawaiian people in a poorer neighborhood and I couldn’t help but see the need for Christ’ message to be taken to them. I remembered something the Pastor said to us on our way out on Sunday morning. He said, “Thank you for not taking a vacation from God.” The thought made me extra glad to go to church, as well as, making sure I have a personal walk with him each day.
Now it is 7:30 pm Hawaiian time and I have run out of dream. I am typing this while Mr. Wonderful is watching American Pickers. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures!

The Widow’s Mite

21 Jan

Do you remember the story of the widow and the rich man’s offering? He had given a ton of money and she gave two mites (similar to two pennies) . We would have been impressed with his offering, but God wasn’t. He was impressed with hers because she gave all she had! I have always thought of this story in terms of giving offerings to God, but yesterday it came to my mind about helping others. Someone once told me if I had the money I would be helping others, and there are times I think that I could do something to help someone if i had more money. The truth is God wants us to help others, no matter what. Like that widow, he doesn’t expect us to give above what we have. Just help with what he’s given us.
Make a dinner for someone that is sick, bake some cookies for someone who is depressed or hurting, offer to babysit for a young mother. Just do something for someone, and newsflash it will make you feel better. While growing up that was mom’s answer for everything if I was depressed. She’d tell me to go do something for someone else, and then I would forget about my problems. Guess what? It works!!
This past week was the birthday of three of my favorite bus riders. I realized they didn’t get much of a celebration so I brought them a cake and a few of their favorite treats. It cost about $10. Less than what we would spend at McDonald’s, but even that small amount can be a blessing to someone. So take the time, find a need that fits your budget, and have fun filling that need. The result? A better day for you and the recipient.

I Am a Tool

19 Jan

I am a tool in the hand of the Master Builder
What a privilege to be in service for my Lord.
When he chooses me and uses me, I see His mighty hand.
I am a part of His ever loving Master plan.

I’ve been listening to this song all day in the car. It has made me think what a blessing it is to be used by The Lord!! I am so grateful that He has chosen us to be in His service!

Don’t Lose Today Worrying About (or Looking Forward) to Tomorrow

17 Jan

In two and a half weeks we are blessed with the opportunity to go to Hawaii! I’m super excited!! I’ve been there once before and it is like paradise! Most of my family left this past week, and will be waiting for us when we get there.
Someone asked me last night if I was ready to go, And my reply was, “No, I have two and a half weeks of my life to live.” Sure, I’m excited, but why miss out on these weeks of blessings?
What could I do for Christ this week, or how could I help someone find Him? How could I be a blessing to my husband or others around me? What tasks could I finish? What could I learn about? How could I grow as a Christian? You see there are so many possibilities to have two and a half weeks of productive blessings. Why miss out on that looking ahead. I’m going to live in the moment, and then when I get to Hawaii I’ll enjoy those moments, too!!

Out With the Old – In With the New

1 Jan

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are very interesting for me. I spend the first day reflecting on the past year, and the second day looking forward to the year ahead. That is 730 days of thoughts packed into 2 days.

Some of the highlights from last year:
My newest niece was born, 4 of my nieces and nephews asked Jesus in their hearts, my husband had the privilege of baptizing all of them, our 8th anniversary, our trip to Fort Lauderdale, our trip to our summer “ocean” – Lake Erie, one of the biggest bus kid big days we’ve ever had, several kids and adults who got saved because of the bus ministry, a new bus route started, countless good memories with family, the teens, and our bus route, the Lord’ s provision and blessings through it all!

Some of the low points:
No baby, our first full year without grandpa,  the death of Bro. Mellor, the month of December, a.k.a the month of the flu,

Looking forward to 2013:

Mike will finish his degree, our trip to Hawaii, making a decision as to where God wants us to go and what he wants us to do, and who knows what else!!!!

Here is looking ahead to having a better year than last year, being a better person than last year, and trying to be a bigger help to those around me.

Happy 2013 – thank you, Lord, for bringing us another year to serve you!